The pain of unrequited love

Most of us at some time or another will know the pain of loving someone and not having that person love us back, at least not as we had hoped to be loved.  I choose to write not about the details of my situation as much as how this pain of loving and not being loved in return has helped me love Jesus even more.

Every day Jesus loves and He is rejected by many people who don’t yet know Him and love Him.  Jesus waits and waits to be acknowledged while His character is assaulted and His goodness is questioned.  Too many people feel they don’t need Him.  They think they are doing just fine without Him and so Our Lord waits and waits with unconditional love, hoping to be reunited with the souls He created.

Jesus it hurts so much to be rejected when all I want to do is help and love and be loved, and while it is tempting to close the door and say I am going to stop risking so much and trying so hard, I just won’t do that because that would be letting Satan win.

I’m just going to keep on loving and praying and trying to be the person you want me to be and when I am rejected, I’ll remember this pain is a cross we need to carry bravely.  Like You I am never going to lose hope in the promise of reconciliation.  I am going to keep hoping for that day when love will be reciprocal and our hearts will no longer be broken by the pain of rejection.

I love You Lord!  Live in me and love through me against all odds.

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