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Passion for Peace

I pray for peace in the world.  This song is a prayer for that intention.  Join me in praying for peace every day.
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  I was thinking about the peace and joy of Jesus as I composed this song.
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The Reunion

I remember as a young child waiting for family members to come home for the holidays.  Let us anticipate with great joy and love our final reunion with Our Saviour Jesus Christ.  All praise and honour and glory be Yours Jesus!    
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I Remember My Father

This song is dedicated to my father Luigi.  He has passed on now and gone to be with Jesus, but he’s always in my heart, as is Jesus.  
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This song begins with two friends enlisting in the war.  They are like brothers but they are fighting on opposite sides of a conflict.  At the climax of the song, one man kills another man only to realize he killed his good friend.  If only we could resolve our differences...
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The Long Journey

The inspiration for this song is the journey of life.  May your life’s journey bring you each day a little closer to Jesus Christ, Our God, Our Saviour!
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Beautiful Lady

        This song is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, God’s beautiful lady, Mother of Jesus.  She suffered so much to see her Son Jesus die for our salvation.  Let’s all love her!  
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