The Gardener

If I had to produce a video of the story line of this song, it would go something like this.  A woman suffering from an illness is confined to living indoors on a large estate.  To give her joy her father hires a gardener to create a beautiful garden for her so she can go outside and enjoy nature .  The gardener is hired and in secret he creates a beautiful garden behind a locked gate.  The gardener asks her not to come and see until he has finished.  When the garden is ready, the gardener tells the woman he must leave but he’ll leave the key to the open the garden’s gate beside the tree next to the gate.  The suffering woman is sad because she has fallen in love with the gardener, but she goes to look for the tree where she finds the key.  The key opens the gate where she finds an eternal garden and there she is restored from her illness and there she finds the gardener waiting for her.   The gardener in this song is Jesus Christ.  His death on the tree of the crucifixion leaves for us a key to find a place where our joy and health can be restored forever.  All glory and honour be Yours Lord Jesus!  I’m sorry that You had to suffer so much to create a place for us in Your eternal kingdom.  I love You Lord!