The Gaze of Jesus from the Cross

Every day at 3pm, the time Our Lord died on the Cross, I pray.  I walk the Way to Calvary as I meditate on His Passion and then I stand at the foot of the Cross looking up at Our Holy Lord suffering for our salvation.  Do you ever wonder what Our Lord saw from the Cross, as He was suffering so much for our redemption?

Perhaps He saw the many acts of violence committed by every generation?  He was atoning for these sins.  Perhaps He saw the many acts of kindness and mercy performed through every generation to give Him glory?  He rejoices in the love of His people.

Let’s ask ourselves what does Our Lord see today as He gazes with His wise eyes upon our lives and our choices.  Will He smile and rejoice?

Let’s consider these questions:

Are we devoting time to prayer each day?  Are we praying just for ourselves and for our immediate families or for our global family and for those most in need of God’s mercy?

When was the last time we heard Jesus calling us to do something for Him?  Did we respond?  If we don’t hear Him calling us, is it possible it’s because we are not listening.  What can we do today to show Him how much we love Him?

Have we confessed our sins and asked Jesus for His mercy?  Have we offered mercy and forgiveness to one another?

When was the last time we thanked Jesus for His many blessings?

Are we spending enough time reflecting on God’s Holy Word by reading and studying the Holy Scriptures?

Are we going to Mass and receiving Our Lord’s graces in the Holy Eucharist?

Holy Lord, please help us to understand Your holy will in our lives and give us the grace to respond with zeal and perseverence!  I love You sweet Saviour!  Thy will be done!  All glory and honour be Yours Jesus forever and ever!  Amen.

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