NOT Too Little To Matter

Recently a member of my Church encouraged me to go to see a movie called “Unplanned”. I had not planned to see a movie that day but I believe God interrupted my plans to see something I would NEVER forget.

The movie “Unplanned” tells the true story of a young woman, Abby Johnson, who worked as a director of a US Planned Parenthood clinic. During the time Abby worked at this clinic there were more than 22,000 abortions performed. One day Abby saw something that would change the course of the rest of her life.

The life changing event occurs one day as Abby is called into a room where an abortion is in progress. Abby performs an ultrasound on the little unborn child. The loud sound of the heart beat fills the room and then you see a tube in the womb ready to suction out the tiny baby. What startles Abby (this scene breaks my heart) is that the little tiny baby moves, seemingly to avert the suction tube. She exclaims ‘he moved’ and the abortionist explains ‘they always do’.

What ensues as seen on the screen of the ultrasound looks like a ‘fight’ between a little tiny babe and an abortionist intent on removing this child from its mother’s womb. The little babe is not able to win this fight and in seconds the little baby is suctioned out of the womb and the womb on the ultrasound screen looks like a dark empty void.

Seeing this ‘battle for life’ where a defenseless child moves away from an instrument of death causes Abby not just to cry desperately but to decide to leave Planned Parenthood and question her views on abortion.  Ultimately she becomes a pro-life advocate.

Another scene in the movie that truly breaks my heart occurs in a room where each aborted baby is pieced back together in a dish. This is done to ensure that the mothers’ wombs are completely emptied. In little dishes tiny dismembered babies are put back together like puzzle pieces.

Are they too little to matter?

Answer: NO! They are NOT too little to matter!

As a young woman I faced fertility issues. After a year trying to conceive I was referred to a specialist for fertility testing. Both my husband and I had to undergo tests. Every morning I had to take my temperature and plot it on a chart.  After a month I brought a chart with dots all over it, in what looked like a random celestial constellation.   My gynecologist took one quick look at it and announced “you are not ovulating; we can fix this!”

I left the office with a prescription and within one month I was pregnant! My husband and I were blessed with a healthy baby girl and told that when we were ready to have another child we would likely be successful again at conceiving with the help of the ovulation drug. Well when my daughter was not even five months old I learned I was pregnant again; this time with no help from fertility drugs. I was shocked! This was unplanned! In fact I couldn’t believe it. After two home pregnancy tests and one blood test confirming I was pregnant I still couldn’t believe it!  I thought I was infertile.

My doctor realized I was a bit distressed so when I told her “I need to see the baby” she ordered an ultrasound….and my disbelief vanished as I saw my little babe.  There he was! A loud beating heart and a little body resting in my womb within me made me realize ‘yes there really was another life within me!’ This time I had a beautiful healthy boy.  I was thrilled!

The movie ‘Unplanned’ explains that the abortionist does an ultrasound to measure the baby. The bigger the baby is and the more far along the pregnancy is, the higher the cost of the abortion. However the movie also explains that the mother is not permitted to see the baby in the ultrasound and I think I understand why. When you see that little baby on the ultrasound screen, the baby becomes real! When you don’t feel pregnant and you don’t want to be pregnant, it can be easy to convince yourself that the baby within you is not a baby, just a few cells – no brain, no heart, no feeling.

When I got pregnant for my second child while on maternity leave, I had to call my employer and ask them if I could return early from leave in order to qualify for a second maternity leave. When I told my boss (the comedian) I was pregnant again, his reaction was: “Do you know where babies come from?” I joked back, “I have now figured it out!”

This is where the abortion debate falls apart!

Do you know where babies come from?

Each and every human being starts out the same way as a little tiny person in formation in the womb.

There is no denying that all human life begins in the womb the exact same way.

Why is that life too little to matter?  Why does that little person not have the right to live?

When a mother sees her tiny unborn child in an ultrasound it’s a defining moment!

They are so little!

They are so precious!

They are so defenseless!

They are alive and they have a right to live!

The movie “Unplanned” explains that abortion is a ‘money maker’ for Planned Parenthood. In fact in the language of business you would call abortion the ‘cash cow’ for Planned Parenthood. At one point in the movie the directors of Planned Parenthood clinics are told they need to double their abortions in the same way as salespeople are told to double their sales results.

I have spoken to women who have aborted their children. One woman I met has been grieving her entire life about her choice to abort her child. She was young and scared when she chose to end her pregnancy but that little baby is in her heart and she longs to see him or her in Paradise. She has sought God’s forgiveness and I assured her God forgives everyone who is sorry for their sins and abortion is a sin.

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

I am a Christian, a disciple of Jesus and I am also an experienced business woman.

Let’s talk about money!

Abortion generates a lot money for an organization like Planned Parenthood but you know what could generate even more money for this organization and organizations similar to them?


For couples facing fertility problems that cannot be resolved, adoption is a perfect solution.

On the Planned Parenthood website I do see that the organization does refer women to adoption agencies if they are interested in this option, but perhaps Planned Parenthood could handle the adoptions generating new revenue for the organization while enabling women that don’t want to be parents to give the gift of a precious baby to men and women that cannot conceive.

Money TALKS!

Adoptions today are often too expensive to be legitimate options for many infertile couples.


Consider that philanthropists could pay for adoptions?

Could adoption legal fees be paid by health insurance as the adoption saves the life of a child?

Could pro-bono lawyers donate legal services?

Could highly bonded/secure volunteers help with the screening process?

Could young expectant mothers be offered special financial incentives to help them during their pregnancy so they can make the choice to give up their baby for adoption?

A Peaceful Revolution in the Name of Jesus Christ is a peace movement that is uniting Christians in a daily moment of prayer and remembrance of the Passion of Christ at the time Jesus died for us, 3pm (in our local time zones).

At this time we pray for the Holy Spirit to come and change our world as He changes our hearts and our minds, one soul at a time. It is the Holy Spirit that enables us to acknowledge the sanctity of life in the womb. It is the Holy Spirit that will guide us and show us ways to save the lives of unborn children and end abortion!

For all those who have been part of 40 Days for Life, BRAVO! GLORY TO GOD! KEEP PRAYING AND KNOW THAT GOD HEARS OUR PRAYERS!

Please join A Peaceful Revolution in the Name of Jesus Christ that stops every day at 3pm, the time Jesus died for us, to remember the sacrifice of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus. Remember the love of Jesus Christ will change the world as He changes our hearts and redirects our lives. Jesus will help us to end abortion, one precious baby at a time! Let’s unite at the time Jesus died for us daily and pray for this outcome! God will answer us!

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Psalm 139:13

p.s.  if 3pm does not work for you, please pick another time zone that does.  People are praying all over the world in all time zones everyday. Unborn children need your prayers.  Bring all your needs to the foot of the Cross of Jesus every day at the Time He died for us.

“But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you seek him with all your heart and with all your soul.”  Deuteronomy 4:29

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