A Christmas Prayer

Holy Lord, I pray that Your hopes and dreams for us be realized. I see so much suffering in the world, suffering that is caused by mankind not following Your holy commandments. You told us to love one another as you loved us, but unfortunately many people have been deceived into believing that violence is a pathway to a new kingdom. I pray for all those that are deceived and lost. I pray that You, Holy Jesus, will open their minds to understand that it Your holy will that we live in peace, reconciling our differences and forgiving one another, sharing what we have and giving thanks to You for Your many blessings, for You Almighty God are the source of every good thing.

I pray Holy One that You may purify our hearts and our minds and our lives so that we can desire that which You desire. Please send Your Holy Spirit to transform us and to renew us so that we can live as Your disciples on earth Jesus. Help us to rise beyond our selfish desires and to be filled with a holy desire to save souls, ushering in a new era of peace where the dignity of every human being can be respected, honoured and protected.

I grieve for the senseless loss of lives in the world, especially the loss of little children who have been casualties of wars and horrific violence.   Please have mercy on us Lord. You suffered so much to heal the world and to save it, to inspire it to love and forgive, and we need You now more than ever to restore our souls and our world.  I pray for an end to the current pandemic that has caused and continues to cause so much suffering.

I am full of hope Lord Jesus because I hope in You and I believe in Your endless mercy. Gracious and loving God, my heart is full of peace, a peace that You give me that all things are in Your holy hands, but I am mindful too that You give us free will and that in so many ways our free will violates Your Holy Will as we sin.  Help us to turn away from sin Lord. Save us Almighty Lord! Save all souls!  Allow us to feel Your holy presence guiding us to the promised land, heaven. Please help us to have great faith in You and become one family united in Your love, irrespective of our differences and beliefs. Please give us the grace that we can rise up to fulfill the plans You have for us.

You are Our beloved Lord Jesus and we believe in You, we adore You, we hope in You and we love You! We beg Your forgiveness for those who do not believe in You, do not adore You, do not hope in You and do not love You. I know the day is coming when all souls will know the truth, that You are our God, Jesus Christ, who chose to incarnate to teach us to love and to die for our salvation. Please help us to be instruments of Your holy will, Your love and Your peace.

I know You want us to remember You always. You are so worthy of continuous praise!  I know You want us to remember Your Passion and suffering, for You gave up everything for us. I pray that the Christian world will unite in a single powerful prayer, everyday at 3pm, the time You died for us on the Cross, as we pray for Your mercy upon all souls, meditating on the greatness of Your love as we close our eyes and go to Calvary to walk with You to the place of Your crucifixion. You died almost alone, except for the loving presence of Your Blessed Mother Mary and a few chosen apostles, but now we can be with You Jesus every day at 3pm in our local time zones, remembering Your great sacrifice and consoling Your Sacred Heart as we unite in prayer at the Hour of Mercy in solemn adoration of You, Holy, Holy, Holy Lord!

I love You so much Jesus! You are my heart’s desire!  I love You above all things and above all people and I love You within all things and within all people!

In Your Holy Name Jesus I pray…AMEN!