Welcome to the Passion of Christ site!

Over ten years ago I heard Jesus say to my heart: “Follow me!” He revealed Himself to me in a miraculous way and urged me to “Trust in Him”. He led me to the place of His crucifixion and His Passion changed my life. I have created this page to share with others the grace I received and to give glory to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

This page is designed to help you to meditate on the great love of Jesus and on His plan for you.  Take the Way to Calvary as you meditate on the Passion of Our Lord and reflect on God’s will for you as you fall more deeply in love with Our Saviour Jesus.  Read the spiritual reflections created to explore the meaning of God’s Word in our lives today and pray for the witnesses who are sharing their life stories in the section “Carrying Our Cross”.   Peaceful, soothing music has also been added.  May the peace of Our Lord Jesus be with you always!