A Deadly form of Cancer

I write this testimony on behalf of my father, Luigi who has now died.  He was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1988 at the age of 64.  My family is from a very small rural town in Northern Italy and when we learned he had cancer we were afraid.  Would he be able to access quality medical care from this small village?

God’s providence was immediately visible.  The surgeon who would treat him was an expert in this type of cancer and renowned beyond Italy.  He would not only have to remove the malignant tumor but he would also need to rebuild his vocal chords or my father would never speak again.

The surgery was immediately scheduled and it was so hard seeing my father suffering so much following the surgery.  Normally after surgery you expect to see people lying down sleeping and resting, but that was not the case with my father.   He was required to sit upright in his bed with his head taped down so that there would be no pressure on the throat.  There was a weight on his head keeping him in this horrible upright position.  He would need to be fed by a tube in his throat and we worried that we might never hear his voice again.

Then came the medical prognosis.  The surgeon did not expect him to live a year; in fact he gave him less than 30% odds that he would live one year.  We began to pray.  We asked Jesus to allow us to enjoy him a little while longer.  He was the patriarch of our family—a quiet, strong man who everyone rallied around.

The surgeon was quite taken with him.  A few weeks into his recovery he visited him and was so pleased with his progress that he kissed him on the forehead.  I never knew a surgeon to make a house call, but this kind-hearted surgeon did just that.  He visited my father at home and his visits encouraged him.  He had rebuilt his vocal chords and my father spoke again with a full and strong voice and my father defied the scientific predictions and one year later he was still with us.  In fact, I am thrilled to tell you that he lived fifteen years after the diagnosis that he had a deadly form of throat cancer.  The surgeon said it was a miracle!

Thank You Jesus for allowing us to enjoy him and to love him for so many more years!  We love You Lord!