Do you want to join the peaceful revolution in the name of Jesus Christ?  

We are Christians, of all denominations, uniting in prayer at the time Our Saviour Jesus Christ died for us, 3pm.  At this time we contemplate the Passion of Christ as we pray for the mercy of Our Lord Jesus upon all souls.  Join us in your time zone.  At 3pm, stop to remember Jesus dying on the Cross for you.  This solemn experience will change your life if you let it!  


Do you want to witness to Jesus by sharing how you are carrying your cross?

We all have a cross to bear in life.  Jesus tells us to “Love our neighbours as ourselves” (Mark 12:31)  but sometimes we are blind to the pain of others.  By sharing how you are carrying your cross, you can help people to become more compassionate and understanding.  It is our hope that all the stories shared on this site will motivate people to feel more connected as one Body in Christ.  Let’s strive to care more and to pray more for one another. Use the box below to share your story.


Do you have a Spiritual Reflection you would like to share?

We all need to spend time learning God’s Word through the Holy Scriptures.  Please feel free to send us your reflection, but please ensure that this is your own original work and that there are no copyrights involved.  Thank you in advance.


Would you like to use the music posted here in a production?

Please note the music on this site is protected by copyright.  However the artist would be pleased to license the use of his music to you or compose new music for your unique requirements.  Please contact us to discuss further.


Send us an email at info@passionofchrist.ca.

Thank you for visiting this page.  Please come back, we will be adding to it frequently.  God bless you!


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