Losing my blind friend

I met a lady I fell in love with at first sight. She on the other hand never got to see my face because she is blind. I met her in a long term care facility where I was volunteering. She was to me like a breath of fresh air. She was cognitively delayed and I’d say she was intellectually a teenager although her body was older. “Do you have a car?” she asked me. I could tell she wanted to broaden her wings and fly. “Yes I have a car, but it doesn’t have any air conditioning.” “Oh, that’s ok” she said. “Let’s go somewhere!” So I endeavored to see how I could take her out of the facility. The plan I came up with was to take her to Church one Sunday and then out for lunch and then I’d bring her back to the facility.

The plan was originally approved by her “Power of Attorney” but at the last minute cancelled. When the plan was cancelled, I endeavored to bring lunch to her. “What do you want to eat” I asked. “McDonalds” she replied. Ok it was a plan and I brought her a McDonalds hamburger and fries and a drink. No one had told me she had diabetes and later this would be held against me that I was not a good friend for her.

She had told me many concerns about the person holding her “Power of Attorney”. She desperately wanted to communicate. She never learned braille and she wanted a telephone. I had a background in technology and figured it must be God’s plan for me to try to help her get access to some enabling technology including a telephone she so desperately wanted. So I began to advocate for these solutions for her and that was the beginning of the end of our relationship.

I was called to a meeting that resembled a tribunal at the facility. People I had never met all had opinions on me. They all expressed their views that I was not a good influence on my blind friend. Perhaps because I was advocating for rights I felt she had but the holder of her “Power of Attorney” was absolutely against.

That day I felt like Jesus. I felt I was being crucified for love! I was going to lose my friend. We had told each other we loved each other. I was not intellectually disabled and I wanted only to help her.

There is a higher court of justice and one day we will all have to appear before it. May the Lord have mercy on people who use legal instruments like a “Power of Attorney” to violate the rights of the disabled.

I miss you so much my friend! I will never forget you! You live in my heart and I am praying for you and the people who ended our relationship. May Jesus fill you with joy. I’m sorry I was not able to help you, but I am sure Jesus will!

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