Join the Peaceful Revolution in the Name of Jesus Christ and Change the World, God’s Way

We have commenced a new year, but unfortunately it’s not possible to erase all the problems of last year as we begin anew. It’s up to us, disciples of Jesus, to tackle the problems that exist with the help and power of God.

Some of the problems facing the world may seem impossible for us to solve, but recall what Jesus taught His first apostles.  Jesus said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” Mark 10:31

The solutions to the many problems facing us as a global community are only accessible to us if we turn to God with faith and with trust for guidance. If we are blessed with the gift of faith we must take our responsibility as disciples of Jesus seriously. There are many people on earth who either don’t believe or have a false understanding of what God wants.

God does not want war; He wants peace. God does not want violence; He wants peace. God does not want hatred and discrimination amongst people; He wants peace and understanding amongst people. Many years ago Jesus told us via St. Faustina that “Man will not have peace until it turns with trust to My mercy.”

Only Jesus can create the peace we are all seeking!

Jesus told His apostles “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

Consider the sacrifice and the enormous price Jesus paid to be able to give us the gift of eternal peace and eternal life. This sacrifice has infinite value! The sacrifice of Jesus Christ must not be taken for granted. The sacrifice of Our Saviour Jesus saves souls and is changing the world everyday. The question that remains is what role will we play in God’s plan of salvation?

The Peaceful Revolution in the Name of Jesus Christ is ongoing!

Everyday souls are converted by the infinite love of Our Lord Jesus Christ. As disciples of Jesus we must be part of God’s plan of salvation, helping souls to repent, to believe and to trust in the salvation that only comes through Jesus Christ. One of the best ways to participate in this plan of salvation is to pray!

Pray! Pray! Pray! and Honour Jesus by remembering His Passion, each and everyday!

God is inviting you to take part in the peaceful revolution by coming to the foot of His Cross each day at the sacred time 3pm (in your local time), if but for a few moments, to remember Jesus dying for your salvation. Three o’clock is the time Jesus died for us; let us remember Him at this sacred time as we pray for His mercy upon all souls.

Consider the merits and infinite value of the sacrifice of Jesus.  Jesus, True God and True Man, allowed Himself to be brutally tortured for our sins. Jesus, Our Saviour and Our Lord, allowed Himself to be nailed to a Cross to prove to us how much He loves us!  Jesus hung on that Cross for hours, suffering in agony, suffocating, dying while He was thinking about us and about how much He loves us and wants to spend eternity with us!

In order to be a true disciple of Jesus we must first be truly penitent. We must be truly sorry for our sins and we must understand the enormous price Jesus paid to pay the price of our sins. By meditating on the Passion of Christ I am humbled daily by the greatness of God’s love. When I look at Jesus on the Cross, there is no mystery concealing His love. He dies on the Cross for our salvation and if He can suffer so much for me then I resolve to dedicating my entire life to Him. I believe that His Passion, Death and Resurrection will free every soul that wants to be saved. I realize too that I have a responsibility to pray for souls that are not yet saved and so I do this everyday, especially at 3pm, the time Jesus died for our salvation.

Ask yourself this question…

What would the world be like if Christians all over the world would stop everyday at 3pm, in their local timezones, to bow their heads and remember the Passion of Christ and the greatness of His love? What would the world be like if Christians prayed everyday at 3pm, the time Jesus died for us, to thank Jesus for His infinite sacrifice and to ask Him for His grace to give Him glory? What would the world be like if Christians united in prayer at the Hour of God’s mercy, 3pm, prayed, “for the sake of Your sorrowful Passion Lord, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Save all souls, especially those most in need of Your mercy!”

Prayer is the key that opens the heart of God and the Passion of Christ is the key that opens the human heart to understand the depth of God’s love!

We must not become complacent and indifferent to the violence, wars and injustice that prevail in the world today. We must believe in the infinite goodness of God. God wills to change the world, but God does not work alone. Jesus is calling His disciples to love Him and to love one another and what better way to accomplish both these commandments than to stop everyday at the time Jesus died for us to remember how much He suffered to redeem us and to open the gates of heaven to us.

As converted Christians, we are at peace for we know that Jesus will restore our souls through the infinite merits of His sacrifice. His Sacred Blood washes away all the sins of the world, so long as we repent and turn with trust and faith to Our Lord Jesus, Our Saviour and Our God.

Believe in the power of prayer and believe that your prayer is important to God!  The unity of all Christians in 2015 is critical and it’s urgent. So let us stand together, disciples of Jesus, every day at the time Jesus died for us, praying for the salvation of all souls, thanking Our Saviour for loving us so much that He would suffer so much for us and die for us. Let us never forget the love of Jesus. May every choice we make prove our love for Him for He is so worthy of our reverence and awe, our love and our thanksgiving.

Jesus wills to help us to change our lives and to change our world and that change begins with a change in the hearts and minds of His people. We must let Jesus transform us and live in us as we help Him to complete His plan of salvation, ushering in a time of peace and restoration for the whole world. We must do our share to live honourably and to pray for the conversion and salvation of all each and everyday!

Meet me at the foot of the Cross fellow Christians, each and every day, at 3pm in your local time zone as we unite in solemn reverence to honour Our Saviour Jesus Christ who suffered so much to save us, as we pray for His mercy upon all souls as we remember His Passion!

The peace of Our Lord Jesus be with you always!

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