From Vanity to Charity

Years ago I pursued many things that I would categorize as “vanity”…I will tell you about one…and men please be patient because this is a woman-thing…

I used to see women with these perfectly manicured finger nails with a beautiful french manicure…i.e., clear nails with white tips…and then I learned that those beautiful manicured nails were not growing out of their fingers tips naturally…they were acrylic…So I thought I want those too. So off I went to the salon where I got these french manicured acrylic finger nails…

A few weeks passed and God began speaking to my conscience through a television program. I was transported to Africa to see the pain of little children hungry, without proper shelter and healthcare, without the funds to go to school and many had no parents. Their parents had died of HIV/AIDS and the children were orphans.

As I bowed my head in sorrow, you know what was staring me in the face…my perfectly manicured finger nails! OH! I said “I’m sorry God!”…The money I was investing in this manicure would be reinvested in helping a poor child immediately! I ran to the salon the next day to have my acrylic finger nails ripped off, hoping I would not have to endure too much pain in this tortuous procedure…but in actual fact the greatest agony was in my heart because I realized I was focusing on the wrong priorities.

Since then I have sponsored a few children…and you know what…one of them recently found me on facebook to tell me the good news that he has graduated from school and is looking for a job. Holy Lord please help him and all the children in the world who struggle to survive. Open our hearts to see with Your holy eyes so we can make choices to help them as we honor You Jesus. I love You Lord!

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