Facebook Rejects Post on Ending Injustice God’s Way

For the last ten years the Facebook page A Spiritual Journey with Jesus, The Divine Mercy has been sharing reflections on the Word of God.  These posts have been ‘liked’, ‘shared’ and ‘engaged’ with over 20 million times.  Consistent with God’s Holy Will, these reflections have always called people to love, forgive and make peace.  They stand against violence, injustice and inequality.  They are NOT ‘political’ messages, they are ‘spiritual’ messages about what God expects of His people.

Last week Facebook rejected the promotion of this post called:  “Ending Injustice God’s Way“.  I requested an appeal of this decision and they maintained that this post was ‘correctly rejected’ due to it’s ‘political’ content.

Was Jesus a politician?

No!  Jesus is Our Lord and Saviour!

This post is also available here.

Facebook is asking me for government-issued information (e.g., a Passport) to obtain authorization for me to post this content.


Below is a screen shot showing how Facebook is asking advertisers to upload private data.

Why do I have to provide highly personal and private government identification to allow me to promote God’s Word and His Holy Will?

On June 18th Facebook rejected this post that reflects on the potential to transform our world with a Global Peace Curriculum for all youth worldwide.


The reason cited for the rejection was as follows

I received a similar rejection when I posted a reflection called “Not Too Little To Matter”.

This post is also available here.

This reflection is a pro-life stance and according to Facebook this type of content also requires a special authorization including government provided photo identification to allow for ‘free speech’ to occur.

This is the request for special authorization Facebook posted in conjunction with this ad


Facebook is censoring free speech.  Why is the government allowing this censorship and denial of a basic human right – free speech, religious freedom.

Facebook is demanding highly private data on people wishing to speak out on issues affecting our world.  Consider the possible identity theft this could result in.  Should I trust Facebook with private data given their track record on data breaches?

Change requires courage, advocacy and a conviction that free speech is a fundamental human right that Facebook cannot deny!  Government authorities where are you?

More information on prior Facebook censorship and an open letter to Facebook president Mark Zuckerberg here.


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