The Cycle of Grief

When injustice happens it’s likely that we will feel angry.  Anger is one of the stages in the cycle of grief and sometimes it can grow into a debilitating and crucifying condition.

I figure I lost more than a decade of my life to anger and depression.  The anger was caused by injustice and trauma in my childhood that resulted in an issue that no medicine would heal.  I felt like I was a broken person and I felt robbed of a life.  I never received much counselling but ultimately Jesus allowed me to understand that a life of purpose can result even when trauma leaves you with scars that you feel will not heal.

I spent so much time being angry that ultimately it felt like this anger was spreading like a cancer.  It was out of control and it was stealing my every moment.   I turned to the Scripture for guidance and I learned that Jesus will avenge  “For we know him who said, “Vengeance belongs to me,” says the Lord, “I will repay.” Again, “The Lord will judge his people.” Hebrews 10:30

At first I was consumed with retribution.  Multiple people had hurt me and those people had to pay!  But as I grew in my love for Jesus, I began to realize that someone had to break the chain of injustice and that someone had to be Jesus.  I began to pray that Jesus would heal me and make my life productive and end this anger and depression that had become a cancer in my life.

Jesus has allowed me to realize that there is a force of evil that enters people and that evil causes so much hatred and violence and the only way to stop it is with His love.  I asked Jesus for the grace to forgive and He gave it to me and made me free.  I asked God to help me find purpose in life and He gave me purpose.  I surrendered my pain to Him and I stopped longing for justice and retribution.  I also learned that suffering offered to God can destroy the demons that are violating the lives of innocent people.

If today you are feeling angry or depressed, know that I am praying for you.  Join me in praying for all victims of violence who now have to deal with consequences that are debilitating and life changing.  Let’s pray that they can find peace in the tender arms of Jesus and let’s pray for those who commit violence too! Because only by praying for the perpetrators of violence will we be able to stop the crime before it is committed.  Keep your eyes on the eternal horizon and know that Jesus can make you free.  Forgiveness is freedom!  I pray that He gives you the grace to be able to distinguish between the crime that is hateful and the criminal who is possessed by evil and in desperate need of mercy.  May all souls be saved by the love of Jesus Christ!

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