Blessed are the poor in spirit…

Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3

God gave us the Law (the Ten Commandments) and Jesus now stretches us further to become the people He truly wants us to be. Go back in time and consider the days before Jesus was born. The Jews were awaiting a Messiah, many were economically very poor, yet those that were truly blessed by God never stopped hoping and trusting in Him. They believed in His providence and mercy. They knew that God would send a Saviour.

To be “poor in spirit” does not imply that we are economically poor, but it does mean that we are humble servants of God, and that in our humility we understand that God alone can save us and help us to prosper. The “poor in spirit” are not arrogant or self centered. They reject the foolishness of the world that preaches power and money and pleasure. The “poor in spirit” focus on God’s will and know that they are rich in God for God will give His servants the kingdom of heaven, His everlasting kingdom, His eternal peace. Are we “poor in spirit”? Are we humble, relying on God to teach us and guide us? Do we truly trust God or do we rely on ourselves? Is doing God’s will our daily objective, or are we focused on the things of the world? Is our wealth measured in the things that gives God pleasure or is it measured by economic and worldly standards?

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